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Buffet、Utilities Others
Buffet items Utilities And others   
Our buffet product includes various display equipment like heating constant temperature, refrigeration refreshing and room temperature ones. Our utensils include stainless, plastic and ceramic ones
Buffet Counter
Carvery Unit
Chocolate, Wine Fountain
Chafing Dish Station Chafing Dish Station
Cold Hot Chafer
Electric Chafer
Electric Automatic Chafer
Chafing Dish
Economic Chafer
Electric Plate For Chafer
Drop In Chafer
Cereal Dispenser
Drink Dispenser
Sea Food Stand
Fruit Stand
Glass Dishes
S/steel GN Pan
Polycarbonate GN Pan
Porceline GN Pan
Ice Cream Pan & Spoon
S/steel Pan
Polycarbonate Storage Pan
Polycarbonate Cup
Service Tray
Polythene Plastic Board
Grill Service Plate
Can Opener
Electric Scale
Hand Impulse Sealer
Vacuum Packer
Insect Killer
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