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High Efficiency and Energy Saving
As people gradually takes a more and more severe attitude toward food hygiene, “design and manufacturing of high quality refrigeration equipment” has become our priority in work and will also be our aim when green environment protection becomes the mainstream consumption tendency of modern society.
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Upright GN Fridge
Bench GN Fridge
Salad Counter
Salad Display (VRX)
Pizza Counter
Upright Bakery Fridge
Bench Bakery Fridge
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Bench Snack Fridge
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Upright Oriental Fridge
Bench Oriental Fridge
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Modular Cold Room
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Upright Beverage Cooler
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Undercounter Beer Cooler
"LILY" Showcase
Tabletop Bakery Showcase
Upright Cold Bakery Showcase
Cold Bakery Showcase Counter
Deli Showcase
Upright Open Chiller
Ice Cream Showcase Counter
Sushi Fridge
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